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About Us

What is Al Amanah Foundation

Al-Amanah Foundation is a non-political and non-sectarian organization working for the propagation of Islam since 2005. It is a group of young and knowledgeable people who works under the banner of ‘He has no Iman who is not trustworthy’- a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). We believe in spreading message of Islam with Amanah and sincerity. Al Amanah Foundation is determined to spread education of Islam in every possible manner.

Foundation is working in areas of education & trainings and Social welfare.

Education & Trainings department

  • Hifz al Qur’an programme
  • Nazra Classes
  • Advance Tajweed course
  • Strategic Time Management training
  • Strategic Vision training
  • Online Classes
  • Distribution of educational material program

Social welfare department

  • Orphans and widows program
  • Poor and needy people program


Sh. Abdur Rehman Hafeez is the founder and Head of Academics at the foundation. He is busy in learning Qur’an and teaching it from 30 years. He has the honor of being in the company of scholars like Dr.Fazal Elahi, Dr. Sohail Hasan and Dr. Hussain Jaboori from Iraq. He is the chairperson of a Al-Ilm Online Qur'an Academy as well as a Trainer of workshops related to meaningful life.

His work experience includes teaching at International Islamic University Islamabad, research work and teaching with Mishkat Trust and online teaching. He is one of the regular judges of All-Pakistan Qir’at competition conducted by Ministry of Religious Affairs. His main Islamic knowledge degrees are following:

PhD {Islamic studies}                            International Islamic  University Islamabad
M.Phil  {Islamic studies}   International Islamic  University Islamabad
 B.A (HONS)  {Islamic studies}     International Islamic  University Islamabad
 Shahat ul Aalmia     Wafaq ul Madaris Salafia Faisalabad
 Shahadt ul Aalia    Wafaq ul madaris Salafia Faisalabad
 Shahadt ul Khasa       Wafaq ul Madaris Salafia Faisalabad
 Shahadt ul Aama     Wafaq ul Madaris, Salafia Faisalabad
Tajweed ul Quran    Jamia Islamia Rawlakot AJK
Hifz al Quran    Jamia Asriya Jhelum
Professional trainings on meaningful life    Timelenders Company
Sr. Khazra Azam holds a masters degree in media and communication studies with primary specialization in Advertising and PR from International Islamic University Islamabad. She learnt Qur’an with Tajweed & Tafseer from Alhuda International Islamabad. She has the honor of being students of prominent scholars like Dr. Farhat Hashmi, Dr. Idrees Zubair, Dr.Bilal Philips, Dr.Sohail Hassan & Sh. Abdur Rehman Hafeez etc. Being student of knowledge she loves to make Quran learning easy. Currently she is doing Bachelors of Arts in Islamic studies from Islamic Online University, Qatar.

She holds many years experience of teaching kids and youth with Alhuda International & Al Amanah Foundation.

Learning Arabic and graphic designing are other areas of particular interest for her.

She has been involved in Dawah activities with Youth Club Islamabad.
SR. Sadia Azam is a public speaker with a master’s degree in Islamic studies from Punjab University, Pakistan. She received her primary Islamic education from Alhuda International and Al Amanah Foundation. She is an experienced teacher who is not only teaching Qur’an from ten years but also subjects like Kitab-ut-Taharah, Namaz-e-Nabwi, Seerah and Muslim Heroes.

She has had the honor of studying under renowned personalities like Dr.Farhat Hashmi, Sh. Abdur Rehman Hafeez, Dr.Idrees Zubair and Dr.Sohail Hassan. She gets to attend lectures by Sh.Fazal Elahi on regular basis.
Br. Inam ur Rehman holds a masters degree in Mathematics from International Islamic University Islamabad. He is young, honest and one of the main team members of this foundation. Other than his formal education related to Mathematics and accounts, he has got loads of skills and know-how in his job experience of 7 years with different companies.
Br. Safi ur Rahman is a young and active core team member at Al Amanah Foundation. He has acquired his masters degree in Hadith from International Islamic University Islamabad. He did his Aalim course from Markaz Dawah Salafiyah Faislabad. He has the honour of being in the company of great scholars like Sh. Abdullah Amjad Chahtwi, Dr.Fazal Elahi and Dr. Suleman Al-Khawamida from Egypt.

He is also an instructor of ‘Qur’an learning through TPI’ i.e Total Physical Interaction.

His other activities involve Jummah Khutbah and social welfare work.