Al Amanah Foundation

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What is Al Amanah Foundation

Al-Amanah Foundation is a non-political and non-sectarian organization working for the propagation of Islam since 2005. It is a group of young and knowledgeable people who works under the banner of ‘He has no Iman who is not trustworthy’- a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). We believe in spreading message of Islam with Amanah and sincerity. Al Amanah Foundation is determined to spread education of Islam in every possible manner.

Foundation is working in areas of education & trainings and Social welfare.

Education & Trainings department

  • Hifz al Qur’an programme
  • Nazra Classes
  • Advance Tajweed course
  • Strategic Time Management training
  • Strategic Vision training
  • Online Classes
  • Distribution of educational material program

Social welfare department

  • Orphans and widows program
  • Poor and needy people program

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